Cardboard honeycomb pallets and spacers:

Our pallets

Cardboard honeycomb pallets
Pallets: Lightweight, cardboard honeycomb pallets make for a more ergonomic workplace:

They can be handled without risk (no nails, staples or splinters),

They are available as 2 or 4-way pallets, in standard format (400x600, 600x800, 800x1200, etc.) or made to measure,

Made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, our single-use pallets do away with the costs of rotation.

2-spacer pallet, deck strengthened with adhesive layer
3-spacer pallet, deck strengthened with adhesive layer
3-single-spacer pallet, deck strengthened with adhesive layer
3-single-spacer pallet
Custom-made pallet with deck cut to shape
Pallet with winged deck for folding under box
Pallet on skids
Custom-made pallet

Our 2 or 4-way pallets come in all formats and can be cut to size or pressed to shape, or strengthened with a layer of adhesive material. Cardboard honeycomb pallets are robust and lightweight. Easy to handle, they improve working conditions and save weight when goods are shipped by air. They can be fitted with skids for ease of movement or storage, or with angle-irons for strapping. Manufactured from recycled cardboard, they are fully recyclable within the paper/cardboard industry.


Different kinds of spacer

Honeycomb-structure spacers can be delivered affixed to the underside of corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons or as they are with adhesive pre-applied to the whole or parts of one surface.


Honeycomb divider

Plain or engineered panels,

Rigid and extremely robust,

Can be cut and stamped to fit each individual product.

Divider for electrical equipment
Divider for rolls of material
Divider for sheet metal items
Divider for car parts
Divider for car parts
Divider for car parts
Divider with celloderme for compressors

These honeycomb-structure dividers, used for storage or palletisation purposes, are designed with stampings or cut-outs to wedge and cushion the items concerned. The cardboard partition or divider is an essential component in a logistical packaging system.