L’hexagone, specialist in cardboard honeycom construction

1971 L’hexagone founded at La Guerche-de-Bretagne (35130), initially as a manufacturer and supplier of recycled cardboard honeycomb to the construction industry for the interior structure or core of flush doors and "placoplâtre"-type partitions.
1979 Production of cardboard panels with a honeycomb core for the manufacture of cardboard palettes and load spreaders for industry, dividers for the storage and protection of sheets of glass during transport, and shock-absorbent cushions for the dropping and parachuting of military equipment and vehicles...
1984 Manufacture of containers, partitions/dividers, packaging and POS display components and customised packaging. The company’s talent for innovation is acknowledged in 1984 and 1986 by the award of an “Oscar” by the packaging industry.
2004 Production workshops and offices brought together on a single site.
Commercial name l’hexagone
Turnover +/- 10 000 000 €
Workforce +/- 50
Chairman François ROSSIGNOL
General Manager Jean-Luc VIREPINTE
Company name l’hexagone
Year created 1971
Legal status Simplified Joint Stock Company
Capital 3 540 187 €
Companies Register number Rennes B 332 874 148
Siret 332 874 148 00023
VAT number FR 84 332 874 148
APE code 1721 A