Automotive and aeronautics

Protecting, cushioning, transporting all parts regardless of their weight or dimensions, made-to-measure honeycomb cardboard solutions offer a wide range of products suitable for the automotive or aeronautic industry actors. For individual or multiple packaging, resistant and light, honeycomb inserts or spacers are available in several thicknesses, can be stamped or cutout, and associated with complex paper-PP covers for anti-abrasive or anti-grease properties in to meet all the requirements of the automotive and aeronautic industries. Multi-material packaging combining honeycomb cardboard with corrugated cardboard, wood, etc. offer packaging, cushioning and protection solutions suited to the highest technical requirements. Many actors in the automotive and aeronautical sectors have already experienced the wide array of possibilities and the reliability of the custom solutions produced by L’HEXAGONE.

Household appliances and heating

Whether for the household appliance sector — for both brown and white products—, or the heating and sanitary sector, L’HEXAGONE honeycomb cardboard solutions will meet the requirements of the different products. With its protective, cushioning and shock-absorbing properties, the honeycomb, by its structure and characteristics, replaces EPS wedges. From the refrigerator to the coffee machine, the boiler to the radiator, the water heater to the air conditioner, whatever its size and weight, the expertise and experience of L’HEXAGONE will accompany you and your products.

Textile and Plastics

Whether horizontally with, among others, cradle solutions or vertically with die-cut panels for positioning mandrels, L’HEXAGONE recognized honeycomb cardboard solutions meet the demanding specifications of the plastics or textile industry. Lightweight, resistant, and recyclable, honeycomb cardboard products will guarantee the integrity of your products in your internal flows or during deliveries to your most distant customers.

Industrial components

Because each part is unique and requires the greatest attention, L’HEXAGONE has grown expertise in responding to the most demanding functions. Cushioning, protecting, wrapping, the custom honeycomb cardboard solutions developed by L’HEXAGONE meet the most rigorous specification requirements for many technical industrial parts. Those time-tested honeycomb cardboard products, that can be combined with other materials, if necessary, offer a wide choice of suitable solutions. Thanks to its mechanical and technical properties, honeycomb cardboard favorably replaces polystyrene foam while being recyclable.

Food industry

Packed individually or in multiples, food products of all kinds must be protected and wedged to guarantee the required quality during transport, distribution, or sale in stores. L’HEXAGONE offers multiple solutions to companies in the food industry with its honeycomb cardboard products, all of which are recyclable. From simple cushioning to the palletizing divider “TETRA” “SIG” type bricks … LHEXAGONE honeycomb cardboard, cutout or stamped, provides the appropriate ecological, practical, and reliable solution.

Transport and logistics

Any product must be delivered in perfect conditions, as the perceived quality is just as important as that of the product. Therefore, L’HEXAGONE has developed specific solutions for the transport and logistics sector. These tried-and-tested solutions provide security and logistical optimization to all your shipments, be they transported by truck, plane, boat, etc. Top-pallet sheets, void fillers, side transport wedges, pallets, all meet the expectations of the transport and logistics industry while being environmentally friendly.


Ready to use, honeycomb cardboard comes in different forms to provide the appropriate solutions to all construction sectors. Void formers, expansion joint, pipe sleeves for casting, lost formwork, the water-degradable honeycomb paper solutions will meet all the requirements of the building industry and come in different thicknesses. The expertise and experience of L’HEXAGONE allow us to provide demonstrably reliable solutions to all actors in the construction sector.

Applications diverses

Parce que chaque pièce est unique et nécessite la plus grande attention, avec son cahier des charges, L’HEXAGONE dispose une expertise dans la réponse aux fonctionnalités les plus exigeantes. Caler, protéger, emballer, les solutions sur mesure en carton nid d’abeille élaborées par L’HEXAGONE permettent de répondre aux attentes et spécifications les plus sévères pour bon nombre de pièces industrielles techniques. Des solutions déjà éprouvées en carton nid d’abeille, pouvant au besoin être associées à d’autres matériaux, offrent un large choix de solutions adaptées ; par ses propriétés mécaniques et techniques le carton nid d’abeille se subsiste avantageusement au polystyrène ou mousse tout en offrant des solutions recyclables.

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