Automotive and aeronautics

Protecting, cushioning, transporting all parts regardless of their weight or dimensions, made-to-measure honeycomb cardboard solutions offer a wide range of products suitable for the automotive or aeronautic industry actors. For individual or multiple packaging, resistant and light, honeycomb inserts or spacers are available in several thicknesses, can be stamped or cutout, and associated with complex paper-PP covers for anti-abrasive or anti-grease properties in to meet all the requirements of the automotive and aeronautic industries. Multi-material packaging combining honeycomb cardboard with corrugated cardboard, wood, etc. offer packaging, cushioning and protection solutions suited to the highest technical requirements. Many actors in the automotive and aeronautical sectors have already experienced the wide array of possibilities and the reliability of the custom solutions produced by L’HEXAGONE.

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Whatever your sector of activity, through a functional analysis of your needs and thanks to a mastered manufacturing process, L’HEXAGONE designs and manufactures tailored, practical, and sustainable solutions for you.

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