Eco-friendly and sustainable

Our cardboard honeycomb is fully recyclable and produced in a low environmental impact process, the ideal eco-friendly alternative to polystyrenes and plastics.

As businesses are aiming to reduce their ecological footprint, the choice of adequate packaging and transport solutions is essential to those sustainability efforts. But plastics such as expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foams still present too many environmental and recycling constraints, contrary to honeycomb cardboard.

The honeycomb structure is by nature economical in raw material use. This raw material, paper, is largely produced out of recycled fibers and the adhesives we use are water-based and environment friendly. Our honeycomb cardboard solutions are thus entirely recyclable and biodegradable, with a sustainable manufacturing process.

The lightweight of honeycomb products, while maintaining as high a strength as wood-based products, allow for load optimization and reduced carbon emission, for a controlled ecological footprint.

Looking for a custom solution?

Whatever your sector of activity, through a functional analysis of your needs and thanks to a mastered manufacturing process, L’HEXAGONE designs and manufactures tailored, practical, and sustainable solutions for you.

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